Friday, 1 February 2013


Tak ada sore. Dan Udara menjadi segar. Tak ada gelap lalu mata enggan menatap. Tak ada bintang mati, butiran pasir terbang ke langit. tak ada fajar. hanya remang malam semua telah hilang. terserah matahari. harum mawar membunuh bulan, rahasia tetap diam tak terucap. untuk itu semua,aku mencarimu...berikan tanganmu jabat jemariku yang kau tinggalkan hanya harum tubuhmu berikan suaramu, balas semua bisikanku, memanggil namamu. atau kau ingin aku, berteriak sekencang-kencangnya, agar seluruh ruangan ini bergetar oleh suaraku. -Payung Teduh-

Hello February.

Dear Ms February, when all objectivity is gone, you got still standing with the romancing story and movement. It's going bitter but little bit tender, like a black beer. Dear you, you have to put a side your humble at stake. Another frightened will be coming to abuse you somehow, although we need that good smell orchids and roses. They will bloom amongst the sandy and thunder. Such a lot of words to say, as same as my wall hanging furniture. Need some love and touchable, easily to reach and kissed. Dear February, Is that what are you going to speak? You make a sublimation and convince us to assume that you are something.Instead, you are the same, there's no a difference between you and the other months.

Friday, 25 January 2013


It cuts a throat till it's bleeding the road. A lonely knife has set up to kill some moods. What comes near, What goes far. Lil cup of tea saves me from stinginess. People become so unfair about opulence, either it's good nor bad. A pretty one cries over the corner, I keep thinking to run naked to find a fairness. But my sincerity calls me back to hold on. until it's done and comes to pieces. Little joy, Little joy... come faster, come to me. Though, a heart needs tenderness. A longing feeling is dominated by a Master. An unknown master joins me to sipped my tea. And lots slick talks are filling a good cup. God is listening, God is laughing. He's laughing for our ignorance. And he comes to join our foolishness.

this conversation makes me go mental

My new aunt and my brother in law are talking about hiking mountains. And I hate it. The End

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Poor Our Country

While i chill in up my tired mind. I saw some bad news about my lovely country Indonesia. I enjoyed my last cigaret with my husband in our little terrace. And was felling upset about what happened to our relatives. we're sorry to had our fun time, but, we'll never know how much longer we will get to settle down our knees from our busy-daily activities. it happened 18 January 2013. it was horrible to see.
this photo's taken by Cadut from her flat in Thamrin. That day was dark, most alike black out. People were panicking and the traffic got stuck. The Sky was darker and the smell is like shits all around. I could only say, that i was the luckiest person at that time. And there was my husband, accompany me to feel the same thing that I feel. We're laughing about the coincidence that my husband told to me: that, he had bad feeling the night before that day happened. "I don't know why" he said. Suddenly, his boss sent a message to his iPhone. She said, he didn't have to go to work. So, my husband turned on the telly, and found the news. The main road Jakarta had has been drown by flood. We're shocked. But, most of all the day, we spent to chill in ourselves up. with a box of cigaret. Luckily, our neighborhood didn't get the effects of the flood. So we were save.
REGARDS from Me, and my husband says Hi to all of you. Cheers

Friends, Lovers, and Huggers

in the mean time, we could fetch up the throw back days before i sit and do a silence that remains the old days which brighten light my days. But, it couldn't be as same as i thought. people get busy with their own business. People try to make a good impression to display in public neighborhood. But somehow, when I do type these whole sentences, it's undoubted to ignore. Hopefully those times will come back as soon as possible. And i could cut sad things off. and be back my old cheerful person. Doesn't mean, i am not a happy person. I do happy, but without my safe zone circle, I would be a different person referring to i used to hold in to.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Dinner For Husband

So, I decided to cooking a dinner to my husband. I didn't need recipes. only needed feelings and love. LOL. Thus, I made: one of our favorite meal: Fish. If you curious about the recipe, you can ask me by phone or SMS. LOL. But I said, You don't need any recipe for your dinner, lunch, yet breakfast. do what you want to cook. And your lovely one will appreciate what you've done to him/her. REGARDS.